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Synchronising was created for dancers, by dancers. 

We are committed to providing the best quality training to dancers, matching demands of modern industry and community standards. 


We offer free Synchronising LIVE services to all professional dancers, performance artists and creatives working with movement.

To receive your free access, follow these steps: 

+ create a Synchronising account

+ complete Synchronising Health Form

+ email from the email you signed up with & provide proof of professional work (examples below) 

Please allow 48hrs to process your application. 

We accept: 

+ professional CVs 
+ Equity / professional union membership cards 
+ higher education diplomas 
+ links to professional social media accounts

Please note, PSP is available to everyone 18+. 
We accept all dancers and professional movers from all genres and expressions of the moving body artforms. 

wtf is Synchronising?

Synchronising is the physical experience of an emotional body. 

Pro Synchronising is where it all started, back in 2019. 

We define Pro Synchronising as a postmodern technique, that commits to facility while bathing in the joy dancing gives us. 

Pro Synchronising is based on five pillars:

Heart, Romance, Water, Bloom & Dance. 

Each pillar has its own set of exercises & explorations.

Every class is a journey through the pillars to ignite your connection to the physical, emotional and artistic body. 

Rooted in contemporary & modern dance, we developed Synchronising with diversity at its core. 

We believe all dancers can Synchronise, and we encourage all practitioners of the art of dance to join us. 

Your body is an artform. We are here to celebrate it.

to read more about the technique, go to

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