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House Rules: 

  1. You will be added to closed subscription list. Trials Schedule is sent to you once a week if there are current Trials running. Last minute sessions might also be added and emailed to you.

  2. The Zoom details for all ONLINE Trials classes are always the same :
    MEETING ID 810 0796 1032, PASSWORD 123456

  3. Teacher Trials are free to attend.

  4. Trials platform is for teachers in training. It offers them a platform to experiment and practice the Synchronising method.

  5. We allow our teachers in training to go wrong. Your teacher has a right to stop at anytime they like, begin again, reset, or quit if they wish and reschedule.

  6. The classes can be cancelled and/or rescheduled last minute. 

  7. Trials are not part of the official Synchronising schedule. To attend official Synchronising classes, click HERE.

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