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MOVE & DANCE classes are for everyone.

PRO SYNC is for professional dancers.

You need no previous movement or exercise experience to Synchronise.

All classes are taught exclusively by dancers.


MOVE for dancers' physique.

This format will take you through 5 pillars focusing on strength, flexibility, flow, technique & body awareness.

You will feel sculpted, lengthened & connected to your form.

MOVE is about becoming a physical force with grace and connection to core. 

In MOVE we use light (0.5-2kg) & heavy (2kg+) weights, long & loop bands, a Pilates ball, yoga blocks.

MOVE is moderate/high intensity, with very low impact. 

Progressions and regressions are given throughout. 


MOVE is a perfect all-inclusive movement training format. Think of it as a blend of barre, Pilates, bodyweight training combined with methods & exercises professional dancers use for beautiful physicality.


MOVE is ideal to maintain and develop your physical facility, and keep you on top of your game. If you're getting ready for a new contract, are in between jobs or recovering from a break or injury, MOVE is for you.


DANCE is the most joyful cardio has ever been. 

This format will take you through 5 pillars focusing on letting go, cardio, sweating it out, challenging isometric bodywork sets and most importantly - dancing like a wild soul at a rave. 

You will feel euphoric, out of breath & satisfied. DANCE is about becoming a physical manifestation of joy, passion and commitment to yourself through freedom of dancing however you like to good music. 

In DANCE we don't use any props - it's all bodyweight exercises and dancing free. There's no mirrors, no front, and no limits. 

DANCE is high intensity, but you decide how you dance - meaning if you want more sway than rave, you do you. 


DANCE is a love child of rave and exercise. You need no experience, and we have no expectations. If you can imagine working out while clubbing, you can DANCE. 


DANCE is the reason we do what we do. Let your passion take over, let the exercises do the body good. Imagine an improv jam in a club - that's DANCE for you. 


PRO SYNCHRONISING is the physical experience of an emotional body - the philosophy we were created on. 

This format is for professional dance & movement practitioners, and it will take you through 5 pillars focusing on facility, technique & mind-body connection. This is where you let your talent shine. 

You will feel focused, cathartic, connected. We prefer to challenge how you access your artistry, not question what it is. This way we embrace your individuality and uniqueness. There's no good or bad dancers at Synchronising. 

In PRO SYNCHRONISING we follow a modern dance class structure, with a comprehensive warm up, technique exercises, task based explorations and moments of set choreography or improvisation. You have access to mirrors throughout the class. 

PRO SYNCHRONISING merges technicality, physicality, creativity & artistry. It is taught on a professional level, meaning the intensity of the class is what you'd expect in any pro / company class out there. 


Synchronising exists because you exist. Allow us to nurture you. We rebel against the rejection of individuality in dance. We crave newness. 

To Synchronise is to redefine movement. We exist to create a new type of dancer.


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